Spinach Poop

February 6, 2010

Had an interesting discovery last night. You know how when you cook something with frozen chopped spinach and then it’s time to clean the pots and pans and if you’ve let them sit at all you’ve got a tough road ahead of you, scraping-wise, to get the little paper-thin bits of spinach unstuck from the bottom/sides? And then even when you do get them off it’s a whole repeated effort to actually rinse out your sink and get them all to go down the damn drain?

Turns out, the exact same thing can be said for those stinking spinach bits on the way out of a baby, especially if you’re on the phone when it happens so don’t get around to changing the baby until the individual bits, apparently behaving much the same way they do on the pots and pans, have had time to separate from the main mass of poop and are now dried and stuck hard and fast all over the baby’s bottom.

By the time I got it all clean, the poor kid had been on the changing table for a good 10 minutes, my fingernails might have come into play once or twice, and I had to change the entire mat on the table because it was as if someone had taken dried spinach bits and sprinkled them all over the mat to give it a little seasoning.

It was pretty spectacular. She might not be allowed to eat frozen spinach again until she’s potty trained.

(Note: She was wearing a cloth diaper at the time–don’t know what, if any, kind of difference that makes regarding the behavior of the spinach, but wanted to clarify in case someone is wondering how the hell I left my child in a diaper long enough for the poop to start drying–I swear it was only 20 minutes–but a lot more air moves through the cloth ones.)

Update: It has been asked and so I must answer…yes, this lasagna primavera recipe was the culprit.

2 Responses to “Spinach Poop”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Yippee!!! You’re blogging! And about POOP, no less! Thanks for the spinach warning. I can totally picture that. ;-)

  2. Larms Says:

    I hope this isn’t the result of the lasagna primavera recipe! If so, my heartfelt apologies. :-)

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